For Safe and Continuous Production:

The Virtual Control Room

Conventional Control room

Virtual Control Room

All control staff in one room

operators in separate workspaces

Minimum staffing by organisational measures

Manager Dashboard for tasks and presence

Direct communication or by phone

VOIP or (video-)chat

Further Advantages

Safe and easy integration into any infrastructure by using open standards

Increased productivity due to actionable and comprehensible insights and intelligent data aggregation

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Further Digital Solutions

IA TurboMonitor

  • Reliable Condition Monitoring
  • Higher Availability of Your Machines
  • Explainable AI Results with Physics-based Models
  • Actionable Insights for Better Maintenance Planning and Dynamic Maintenance Intervals
  • Standard Interfaces for Easy Integration

IA PlantWalk

  • Instant Digitisation of All Inspections and Tests
  • Connecting to Your ERP System
  • Paperless Controls and Inspection Rounds
  • Supports RCA and Maintenance
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Safe Usage in All Industrial Installations and Plants