We Live And Breathe Turbomachines

We’re a team of mechanical engineers and AI experts, with many years’ experience developing turbomachinery software and test benches.

We bring years of mechanical engineering expertise plus AI to help operators of industrial plants significantly reduce operating costs and to give peace of mind.

We do this through near-real-time reporting on the condition of your machinery and processes.

This helps improve your competitiveness and reduce resource consumption.

We are experts in:
● root cause analysis of turbomachinery damage
● signal analysis (especially high-frequency acoustic and vibration signals)
● thermodynamic process simulation
● realisation of measurements in industrial environments.

We understand the hassle and cost when things break down: we’ve worked in the sale of service products (spare parts, conversions, repairs) for operators of large turbomachinery.

We combine industrial expertise in turbomachinery with software skills to help keep you up and running.

Most of us are mechanical engineers, who previously designed software for the design and calibration of turbomachinery. We also designed and supervised development test benches.