70% Less unplanned downtime

Source: Accenture

30% Lower maintenance costs

Source: Accenture

33% Less manual effort for monitoring

Source: Own Projects

Our Solution

Industrial Analytics offers a holistic all-in-one solution
from sensor to analytics
for industrial processes and rotating equipment
such as compressors, turbines
and pumps.

We digitalize industrial plants within weeks.

  • Works with ANY IoT platform!

  • Customisation and integration for all on-premise and cloud solutions

  • Edge computing for HF acoustics & vibration monitoring 

  • High Performance Real Time Analytics with physics-based models for highest reliability

Use Cases

How Does It Work?

All machine components produce vibrations and acoustic signals. These signals react very sensitively to changes in the condition of the monitored machine, giving a very accurate picture of its current and future condition.

We’ve found the most meaningful way of monitoring the “health’’ of turbomachines by combining the processing of acoustic and vibration signals with physics-based models of the plant.

Using informed machine learning with physics-based models significantly enhances the reliability of the condition monitoring and avoids false alarms.

We Help Cut Your Costs

We help you reduce your operating costs by:

● reduction of unplanned downtime and associated production downtime
● extended maintenance cycles using predictive maintenance
● increased efficiency and flexibility through performance monitoring and improved process control
● fewer personnel through aggregated and improved status information

Predictive maintenance

Downtime and emergency maintenance are expensive.

Predictive maintenance uses AI modelling to build up a very accurate picture of turbomachine health and machine processes, both now and in the future, so you have a much better idea of what to expect, and can perform maintenance well in advance of catastrophic machine failure.

Generally, maintenance intervals can be extended because maintenance only needs to be carried out when a component defect is detected.

Our modelling is tailored to your specific equipment and setup and gets more accurate over time.

Our team have many years of experience in the design, maintenance and repair of turbomachinery, and this deep understanding of your needs is built into our software.

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