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/ Prescriptive Maintenance in Power Plants

What are the benefits of IoT enabled vibration analysis in a power plant & how to implement it? 

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/ Retrofitting in a Wastewater Plant 

Learn more about how vibration analysis can be retrofitted and extend your machinery lifetime.

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/ Prescriptive Maintenance in Refineries

Adding value with vibration analysis in a complex refinery.

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/ Benefits of collaboration with startups

If you want to boost your corporate innovation, this one is for you! 

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  • For us, the potential of digitization is on the one hand the automation of work steps, but above all the preservation of (specialist) knowledge. Industrial Analytics supports us in system monitoring, so we can optimize the production process and reduce our maintenance costs.
  • Our goal is to secure our competitiveness with the help of innovative, digital services and to further extend our lead. The solution from Industrial Analytics increases operational reliability and transparency in the maintenance process.
  • Security of continuous supply is the highest priority for us. With the help of Industrial Analytics, we can use the additional knowledge about our machines to flexibly schedule maintenance measures and save costs.

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