Industrial Analytics wins Maintainer Innovation award

From consulting to award-winning product

Industrial Analytics wins the special Maintainer Award for Innovation at MainDays conference. The Berlin-based start-up, which monitors plants through AI, helps to digitalise plant tours in the process industry with its mobile application “PlantWalk”.

The project started together with Domo Caproleuna in 2019 as a consulting project to advance digitalisation in the chemical plant. It quickly became clear that many products on the market were too complex and did not meet the customer’s needs to efficiently capture the data in the system. Without further ado, Industrial Analytics took over the product development and the first step from paper to modern maintenance was made.

In just under 18 months, the team developed an app together with the customer that can also be used in difficult weather conditions and facilitates the work of the employees. Using Bluetooth beacons, the device can be used to find the exact location of a measuring point on the premises and document the sensor data and possible damage to the facility. This allows employees to quickly find their way around the site and build a better understanding of the facility. By applying AI algorithms, plant tours are now carried out more efficiently and in a time-saving manner, eliminating the hassle of transferring paper to Excel. PlantWalk has been in operation since the end of 2019 and is constantly being further developed.