Process industry in transition – web meeting on May 6, 2020

Webmeeting of the Bitkom AK Industrie 4.0 Market & Strategy

Together with BASF, Evonik, Nokia and Ericsson, the changes in the process industry will be discussed on May 26 from 10-12.

On the one hand, possible solutions for times of crisis, such as COVID-19, will be highlighted as well as the digitalization and networking of production.

You can find the full agenda on the bitkom member portal, where you can also register for the web meeting by May 26:

As guests and speakers we welcome among others:

Martin Schwibach/Timo Himmelsbach, BASF SE

Tom Richter/Thomas Hainzel, NOKIA

Alina Ostenda/Dr. Christoph Bach, Ericsson GmbH

Igor Stolz, Evonik

We look forward to your participation.